Fish and Chips Friday!

In the UK we have the tradition of eating fish and chips on a Friday, even though it comes from a religious expectation that we shouldn’t eat meat on a Friday, over the years that reason has been mostly forgotten by a lot of people and became more of a tradition to have a chippy on a friday. I often come home from work on a Friday and think, I’m going to have fish and chips for my tea tonight, well that’s a lie I think about my tea from about lunch time, don’t most people do that?! Well for me as well I can only have fish and chips on a Friday from my local chippy because they only do gluten free on that one day, excluding Good Friday as well! So if I’m ever down the beach and think I’d love a chippy sadly I can’t unless it’s a Friday.
When I first found out my local fish and chip shop were doing gluten free Friday I was so happy, I finally got to eat something convenient that other people have as well. When you go on a strict gluten free diet you do think I’m never going to have *food type* ever again, and fish and chips from a chippy was one of those foods. I personally think they should do them everyday, you have to wait at least 20 mins when you order them because they’re that in demand! I do know there are other chip shops nearby which do them every day but this one is a two minute drive away if that.
Contamination is a very high possibility in the fish and chip shops however my local does it’s best to avoid any. A separate fryer and cooking utensils are used and all members of staff that come in contact with the food need to wash their hands and wear gloves before handling anything. It puts my mind at ease being able to see them prepare the food, knowing that I can eat it without a high risk of the food being contaminated.
So do they taste any different? Well I can’t remember what they previously tasted like but my family members say no they don’t, they taste better. The portions are very big from our local and I can’t eat a full one on my own so whether I share it with my mam or sister, they always prefer the gluten free version and will order it if they need extra for themselves. The gluten free batter on the fish makes it not as greasy (which is why my family prefer it) and you can still hear the crunch on the batter when you bite into it, which makes it not much different from any other battered fish. Chippy chips are the best kind of chips, they have their own signature taste which makes them so good. Probably because they are fried in a lot of oil and aren’t the healthiest but that’s why they’re so good!!
I don’t know about anyone else but when I go home to eat my fish and chips, I still eat them in the box, I always think they don’t taste as good eating them off the plate, is that anyone else as well or just me?!
To conclude if you haven’t found a local fish and chip shop near to yourself that does gluten free, I would recommend you find one! Now please drool over how good my fish and chips look below, enjoy!


Pancake Day!

Pancake day when you’re gluten free can be a bit of a pain! You can’t just walk in to a restaurant and have one of their mouth watering pancakes, you either need to go somewhere that specialises in gluten free or make one yourself.
Last year I missed pancake day, I forgot it was even in February, so this year I was determined I was going to have one. I only just learnt how to make an omelette last year, so I thought buying the gluten free mixture would be the best idea! I opted for ASDA batter mix (you can use it for yorkshire puddings too)


It’s pretty simple even I couldn’t go wrong with it, it does say that it is diary free but you have to add milk and eggs so that would be a issue for anyone with diary allergies. All you need to do is pour it in a mixing jug with milk and and two eggs and whisk! You then need to heat up the frying pan and add a little bit of oil not too much though, a oily pancake does not taste good. When the pan is hot enough pour the mixture into it, make sure you tilt it to get a thin even layer across the pan. You then need leave the pancake for around 1 minute (I find you need to leave it longer than normal batter) before you attempt to flip it, you’ll be able to tell by looking at it if you’re able to flip it or not. The odd time I can do it but usually it is a folded mess (still tastes good though). The pancake overall should take about two minutes each side, you will be able to tell yourself when the pancake is ready. Make sure your pan isn’t too hot when cooking so it doesn’t burn each side though, a mistake I have made many times before! Once it is done, use the topping of your choice, I had a honey one and a lemon and sugar one, my go to toppings, I say go to but I don’t think I’ve ever had a different topping?!. I would love to hear what other people have on theirs as I have never had a savory pancake before, and may need to branch out and try something new! Below are the photos of my pancakes, no master piece but they tasted good. Happy Pancake Day!


February already?!

So I realise it has been a while since my last post, quite a few months actually. I’ve said this before but I really am going to start writing more, even if no one reads it just for myself, it is my new years resolution! Well I know i’m a bit late, but better late than never!

Last time I wrote a post was August, I blinked and it is February, it really true when you get older time does go faster, I still feel like a 17 year old, not a 27 year old. Since I last wrote I have been to two weddings (one as a bridesmaid), two hen parties, a weekend in Liverpool, London and Edinburgh as well as a holiday to Dubai, so come to think of it I have been quite busy. I will do posts on the majority of these adventures in the next few weeks even if I have to force myself! I do love doing blog posts when I get going, I’m pretty useless when I get out of the habit of doing something though. Like the gym, when i’m in a routine i’m good, when I forget to go, that’s me not going for a week or two (cancelled my membership but that is another story).

This is a short but sweet post, I just wanted to hi and that i’m still here, I haven’t gone anywhere! Hope everyone has had an amazing Autumn, Halloween, Christmas and New Year! Be back soon. x

Hens abroad!

I mentioned in my last post that I had been on a hen party, so I thought it would be run not to do a post on it!

Well me being the lovable person I am always get asked to be bridesmaid. For this Hen Party this is my fifth time I have been asked to be bridesmaid, yes you heard that right the fifth time. You know the saying always the bridesmaid never the bride….I really hope that saying isn’t true, as I think I will be an expert when it comes to my own wedding (maybe need to find a boyfriend first) anyway… I’m bridesmaid for one of my best friends Leigh, I met her when I used to host in a nightclub many years ago. You know them girls you meet drunk in the toilet, well yes we stayed friends! We did have a two year break from each other but in that time we both grew up and now I couldn’t think of my life without her in it!

Weddings are expensive, expensive for the bride and groom, guests and bridesmaids! Anyone else worked out how much they have spent on friends weddings? it’s scary how much not that I would ever change anything I spent my money on. The hen party alone, goodie bags, games, flight, villa the list goes on.

How cool was the set up before we even left for the airport, and drinking at 6am is allowed when you’re going on holiday! (I promise we weren’t one of those rowdy hen parties on the plane, I slept the full way there and back)

hen party.jpg

So when organising a hen party we thought a weekend away in the UK is pretty expensive, we would go to abroad. So glad we did, we managed to find a villa on the golf resort of Son Vida in Majorca, never been before so I was glad to of ticked a place off my list! Below is few photos of where we stayed.


Isn’t it beautiful? We put up the decorations I say we, I sunbathed when others did it, you know the saying too many cooks!

When we were there going for meals, I was awkward one who stopped us from going to certain places, as they had to cater for gluten free, as I’m not going to sit and watch everyone else eat. Surprisingly though Majorca is pretty good for Sin Gluten – No gluten in Spanish, I learnt something on holiday!

I realise I am blabbering on, so I will summerise what we did when we were there. Sunbathe and drinking sangria and tequila played a big part in it! We done the standard dress up on a night out, beauty queens. We played a games night playing Mr & Mrs and various other willy based games, (you have to have some tack on hen parties) I’ve learnt i’m pretty good at playing sangria pong!

We also went to see Pirates in Magaluf which is really good a lot better than what I thought it would be, we seen the adult show the atmosphere made the show. On the last day we went to ocean beach club, I organised it has a surprise for the Hen so glad she loved it otherwise I would of been to blame. We drank a lot, we were all in the pool for most the day, the hen got barred from the pool for 15 minutes for ‘splashing’ haha even though everyone else was having a good time messing around, I remember about one hour of the day, but hey that’s what hen parties are for aren’t they to get drunk and have an amazing time!


Overall pretty amazing holiday, went off without a single problem (usually hard for 12 people all ages who don’t know each other). I would love to hear of where other people have went on their hen parties or going to. I have two more in the pipeline to help plan! #bridesmaidqueen

Chicken Burger

Sorry I have been neglecting this the past two weeks (if anyone actually reads this) however I have got a good excuse, it was one of my best friends hen party to Majorca and it has taken me a week to recover! But here I am back to reviewing products. I took the photos of these products before I went on holiday, just in case you’re worried I eat out of date products!

I remembered that I had took the photos as I just had this exact meal today, not a Sunday dinner but better than nothing!

So what is the product? It is British chicken burgers and burger buns from Marks & Spencers, Made without Wheat range. Probably one of the best ranges when it comes to supermarkets!

Now there is nothing worse than when you go to a BBQ and you can have potentially the beef burger but have to go without the bun, which takes the fun out of a BBQ having to sit down with a knife and fork, instead of just using you hands to dig into a nice burger in a bun. Well a supermarket has finally released burger bun which taste ok considering they’re made without everything that makes bread so good!

IMG_1042 (2)

When you cut into the bread bun they cut nicely and unlike a lot of gluten free bread you do not get chunks coming out of each side when you cut it. It tastes nice when you have a filling in it, if you ask me could I eat this bread on its own? No probably not but that isn’t because it is bad. It is because I remember how good a freshly cooked loaf of bread tasted with butter on, and really nothing will compare to that.

Pro’s – Its nice to have a choice of bread which isn’t stale and not in a form of a loaf. For gluten free bread it is nice. (I have realised I have used the word nice a lot but that’s the only word I can use to describe it. I’d buy it again but I would try different brands given the choice.)

Con’s – There are a lot of seeds, and I mean a lot. You find them everywhere! I’m all for seeded bread but not for finding them all over the kitchen after I have cut it.

So what do I give this? Well the score is below. I think that I have been to nice on previous posts when rating them so here is a more realistic score.


Now onto the Burger, now this is a good burger! From what I remember it tastes a lot like a non gluten free breaded burger. My sister actually prefers this one, says it is less greasey which is probably true.

It is moist, tastes of chicken which helps and the breaded part isn’t hard and unpleasant. I always think if someone who has a choice to eat gluten free version or a non gluten free version and they choose the gluten free one it must be pretty good.

IMG_1044 (2)

You get 4 in a pack which is pretty good value for money as you’re able to freeze it if you don’t use them all and they don’t taste much different when you cook them from frozen. Price wise as well, can’t remember off the top of my head how much they’re but they are not expensive for gluten free food, even better when you can get them in a deal.

Pro’s – It tastes moist on the inside and nice and crispy on the outside, it is better than non gluten free burgers, told to me by 3 different people, so i’m not making it up. Nice and big in size not like the tiny little frozen ones you can get from the frozen aisle.

Con’s – Honestly I can’t really think of one, if I had to pick a one it would be that the consistency of the crumbs on the outside isn’t always even, one part may be more covered then another but hey nothing is ever perfect!

Since i’m trying not to be as lenient on food products the score is below…


Now for a photo of my burger in the bun, my photography skills are pretty good….haha by the way I know people will say where’s the lettuce?! but we had none in, salad cream had to do!


Honey Flakes

Now for me I have never been a breakfast person. If I had to miss a meal in the day it would be breakfast as I always find it hard to find something I enjoy eating.

Before when I could eat everything I would never choose to eat cereal, I would always find the food boring, maybe I was eating the wrong kind but I would always choose a good crumpet or a slice of toast over a bowl of cereal. However many many months ago when I was food shopping I was looking at the very small depressing free from aisle seeing if there was any new there, then there I see it, Nestle’s go free Honey Flake. I thought lets give them a try.

Well i’m so glad I did, now every morning before work I will have a bowl of Honey Flakes, and maybe even during the day if I want a snack I may have a bowl, they are that good.

It is actually sad how excited I get over new food products or gluten free versions of ‘normal’ food. Sometimes it is the highlight of my week. (I probably need to get more of a life).

Back to the Honey Flakes though, they taste that good that people in my household or when friends stay over choose to eat them. They’re sweet, maybe too sweet if I had to pick a flaw, luckily for me I have a sweet tooth. They’re crunchy and have a really good texture to them and actually taste like food not card like a few of the cereal I have tasted.

Nestle do a few gluten free cereals, I have tried the corn flakes before, but only because I picked up the wrong ones, the packaging is very similar. They lasted a lot longer in our household which tells you a lot about which one we prefer. So if you want a good breakfast cereal I would have to suggest Nestle, Honey Flakes, hands down the best gluten free cereal around. I give them…



Pizza Review

So it’s been a while since my previous post! I need to get into the swing of things I think, I only eat gluten free food but forget to take photos of them, I just eat them.

Well last night I remembered, Saturday night in on my own I thought why don’t I just have a frozen pizza, slightly better than ordering a takeaway! The thing I find hard about only being able to eat gluten free food is there isn’t many nice tasting foods that you can stick in the oven and have it ready quickly, the convenience isn’t there.

Many pizzas from the supermarkets that are in the free from section are either margherita or pepperoni (which I hate). Yes you sometimes can’t beat a good cheese and tomato pizza but sometimes they are just boring, you want a bit of flavour. I feel like there is a gap in the market. Can people who are gluten free not have exciting options?!

Well good news, I have finally found a pizza that isn’t a margherita or pepperoni! And which supermarket decided to take a chance and try a different topping, the answer is Tesco! If you go to a large Tesco they do have the best variety, may not all be good but they have the best choice. Sadly I don’t close to a Tesco so have to make a trip there every now and then and I always stock up on this pizza. I used to have this pizza a lot a year or so ago then it disappeared but now it is back. I did try to find the link for the pizza on their website however no luck.

So about the pizza the topping which I always go for is chicken & caramelised onion pizza. I’ll go through only the good things about the pizza.

  1. It has chicken on it (not pepperoni). The chicken itself isn’t plain as well it has nice flavour to it.
  2.  The red onion on it gives it a nice and sweet taste, some people may think it is too sweet but I love it.
  3. The crust without any topping on it is edible, if you like crusts you could eat them easily.

Now there isn’t many negatives but if I had to pick some here it is.

  1. The base isn’t the best, and it doesn’t always cook it evenly. It is very doughy, if the topping wasn’t there you couldn’t eat it on its own. Maybe it is the topping on top that makes it like this as it feels a different texture to what the crust is. Silly I know.

And that is actually the only negative I can find. I love the sweetness and the chicken on it. I recently took one to a girls night in and they were pinching slices, which always says something when people who have a choice choose to eat it!

So my mark out of 5 is…..

4/5 – Pretty good pizza, but could be made better if they improve the base.

frozenfrozen 2FullSizeRender




First blog post

So this is my first blog post, I didn’t know whether I should go straight in with a review but it may be useful to find out a bit about myself first. As stated in my about this blog section, I have coeliac disease and follow a very strict gluten free diet (it’s not worth the pain to not follow one). Living with a gluten free lifestyle has become a lot easier in the recent years, maybe its more common now, more products available and people aware of the condition, or maybe I’m just getting better and knowing what I can eat! As long as I get one reader I will be happy.

When I started being gluten free, I couldn’t find any useful blogs in the UK that told me what I wanted to know, so fingers crossed I will become the blog I wanted to read a few years ago, and as long as I get one reader I will be happy. I want to share what products I love, which I hate and where I like to go to eat. There is nothing more annoying then wanting to go for food with friends and have to scope out the entire menu to see if there’s anything you can eat!

I work full time, therefore this blog will be more of a hobby and I am going to try and do a post at least once a week. Any questions please let me know 🙂